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'Organising African and Caribbean User Generated Information'

The central social group for events, news, reviews, videos, photos, businesses, information and daily deals provided by the African and Caribbean Community.


Blacknet is written collaboratively by Internet volunteers who write or source and provide news, articles, information and events important to them without pay. Anyone with Internet access can write, add, collate and help organise the information which caters for either the African or Caribbean community throughout the world and Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with their real identity, if they choose.

People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can add or edit article prose, references, images and other media here. What is contributed is more important than the expertise or qualifications of the contributor. What will remain depends upon whether it fits within Blacknet's policies, including being verifiable against a published reliable source, so excluding editors' opinions and beliefs and unreviewed research, and is free of copyright restrictions and contentious material about living people.

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Established as in Oct 1996 at the University Of East London when life on the internet for some was like a distant planet, AOL was King and BB was known as Bulletin Boards and not 'Big Brother' - Blacknet was the only social network around in the UK which provided an interactive platform for the Black Community.

Blacknet encouraged users to take advantage of the internet to open up not only their social world but also their career by providing interactive platforms way ahead of its time when others were only using simple basic static webpages.

A few years later due to major traffic and extremely high bandwidth charges, blacknet found it hard to continue to innovate and move forward and keep up with up and coming players such as Hi5, Beebo and Friends Reunited to name a few who were sourcing tasty investments, but then the bubble burst, and web startups started dropping like flies, but fortunately blacknet kept going and going and going and even though we lost our way at times, we still stood our ground against the new wave of Web 2.0 websites.

Myspace, Facebook,Twtter and many others took to the stage and successfully changed the landscape forever with Millions and millions of pounds worth of investment which has inspired Blacknet to change it's direction and concentrate on what we do, know and love the best and that is to bring together and organise people and information and provide a powerful platform for the community.....with no limitations on where we can go!


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Blacknet Est '97: Is a social group where you can share Lifestyles, Submit News Stories, Add Events, Post your blog, Add your business, Upload and Share Videos, Music. You can also Comment, Rate and Review most of the content on the site. You can also meet African and Caribbeans from around the world. Whether you have come to find information, meet new people or simply watch some videos,

welcome aboard and glad to have you be a part of it.

The premiere site for Black culture and community interests.
For more information call Tel:+44 (0)20 8305 6779 / +44 (0)161 660 4550. Be Part Of It.

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