Who and what is Blacknet about?

  • Who and what is Blacknet about?

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    26 June 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Blacknet can be summed up in it’s name, however it does not give the full vision and mission of blacknet, to understand blacknet you need to know it’s beginings.

    1996 – Blacknet started

    Blacknet started in 1996 known as The Black Network but we decided to change it in Feb 1997 to a shorter and more simpler name, because in those days it was believed that short simple names were more attractive to potential users hence the name Blacknet.

    We wanted to provide a platform for black people to come together and utilise the power of the internet to help, uplift, improve and empower each other to over come the obstacles of life, we travelled the length and breath of the UK visiting universities, clubs, conferences, networks, festivals, carnivals you name it to encourage people from the black community to network online not just on a regional or national level, but also internationally and also with other communities.

    To improve the network we developed blackchat.co.uk, theblackforum, bnvillage, blackprofessional and blackmail all which during the time between 1996 – 2006 was thriving and many of the discussions we had back then fell on deaf ears and most if not all of those discussions we are still having today 20+ years later. We will post a more in depth history of blacknet in another post.

    We managed to keep Blacknet going as a community portal even though we had to battle with a lot of online racist trolls who were always trying to disrupt and discredit what we were trying to do, so we felt it was important to do this as to inspire others to keep going, and to top it off we were told many a times when approaching banks and investors that our business had no scope and wasn’t “viable” or “appealing” to the wider community unless we changed the name from Blacknet to something more else.

    So what is blacknet about now?

    Blacknet is about networking the networks and providing a platform where people from within the community can share with the wider community, a platform of expression, inspiration and admiration

    It’s a blank canvass to provide a black owned platform for those who want to be part of the black community, what you do with it is up to you!

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