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Bus Driver Link Up All White Summer Party
Flyer Bus Drivers Link Up 2020 - Light House Banqueting Suite featuring Bass Odyssey Sunday 24th May 2020

Bus Drivers Link Up is a celebration of a very vital and important sector in the UK - The working class. It's where we the hard workers who help keep the economy turning let our hair down party and have fun.

Come and join us at the next Bus Drivers Link Up All White Summer Party which is an extension to the Champagne and Brandy Ball held on the last Saturday in November every year. Geared towards Bus Drivers, their families and friends. This event has evolved into the working class must attend event.

  • Teachers,
  • Social workers,
  • Nurses,
  • Care workers,
  • Support workers,
  • Barbers,
  • Hair dressers

and any other working secter are invited to join us at this unique and friendly event.

Professional staff are on hand to treat each patron with respect, good music in a great venue and nice vibes.

Special guest all the way from Jamaica


With UK Support from

  • Andrew Fresh
  • DJSean Music
  • Spangee British
  • Bagga British
  • Killa Filla

For more information, tickets and VIP Bookings call 07943186735

This is a ticket only event so book now.

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