We believe it is important to have a platform where you can add and share information, videos, blogs, photos, groups, podcasts and also create and engage in discussions important to you and your community.

Quickly add events , upload images and sell tickets 0% commission and quick payout. Support for Virtual Events
The collective mind of a discussion group expands your exposure to the best of everyone else's minds. Start a discussion today.
Add organisations that offer support to black people and the community.
There's millions of videos on the internet,from facebook to youtube, you can share videos important to you or upload your own videos
Groups are a great source of immediate feedback, and if you build a niche group from the beginning, the feedback you receive will be extremely valuable.
Our number one priority is ensuring you get the best out of blacknet by understanding all the features available, if you are stuck or have a question let me know.
Whether you have press releases, articles or want to share tips and tricks, maybe you own a blog, or you have blogs on your website, a good way to boost traffic is to guest blog.
Please add black directories, black networks and platforms that are black owned.

Please note: we ask you to share the things you find on blacknet contributed by other members with those who you think would like or benefit from it. We are here to help each other.