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Come back and watch this video every time you have the slightest doubt.

‘Cause this is the truth I swear.

You’re all beautiful and I love you.

Lyrics (posted by Amila):

You! [smack] You are the motherfucking shit! You! Are great! You! Are magnificent! You can do whateeeever you wanna do in this world. Put your mind to it, put your grind to it, and you can do it! Get up, get out, get motivated, get inspired, get your MOTHER FUCKING SHINE ON TODAY because you CAN! You are number one – I don’t know no two or three, but i know you’re that one! Period! Don’t let nobody, nothing distract you from the grind time – prime time! It’s your time right now. Do whatever you need to do! [points to ear] What did you say? You was gonna give up? [clenches fist] BITCH YOU WASN’T FINNA GIVE NOTHING UP! You was finna keep striving, keep pushing, keep working and keep doing your shit! You are great. It’s nothing but success in your future.