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Get Motivated! Start WINNING more as a Christian!
Coach JC – Christian Motivational Speaker. The world is full of motivational speaker’s but the church needs to be motivated as well! Christians need to create more WIN’S in their life!
Coach JC is America’s #1 Christian Motivational Speaker.
He created his biblically based Create The Winning Mindset System which is all about a Christian WINNING more so that they can live the life they were born to live.
Coach JC’s 3 M’s To WIN More in life will bring your church the energy it needs to take it to the next level! You will be Inspired and Empowered and discover the one thing that you can control that could change your life instantly!
Coach JC is the creator of The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success FOR CHRISTIANS
Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC is one of the Countries Top Life Coaches and Motivational speakers and resides in Tulsa Oklahoma. Coach JC has produces life changing results in thousands of individuals through his Creating The Winning Mindset System!
Your Performance Coach, Coach JC is an Entrepreneur who got his start as the youngest Strength & Conditioning Coach in the Nation. He then went on the create 2 of the Nations Top Fitness and Sports Performance companies. He is a New Jersey native and now Tulsa transplant, Jonathan Conneely Coach JC, Conneely, is also the founder of Dynamic Sports Development and has trained some of the top athletes in the World. He is highly sought after to re-energize and motivate company’s, churches and college students across America. He speaks and motivates athlete organizations world wide.
With over 12 years experience in coaching and running successful businesses Coach JC brings innovative and cutting edge REAL life experiences and story’s that will motivate you to take action and WIN. He is the ideal speaker or trainer for small and large groups, organizations, churches, schools and anyone that want to WIN more in life!
He created Tulsa’s #1 Fitness program, Bootcamp Tulsa.
He is Tulsa Oklahoma’s premier performance coach and helps his clients WIN on the playing field and in life.
Bootcamp Tulsa clients empowers women in Fitness, Nutrition and in Life!
He is a fitness coach, author, life coach, motivational speaker and Fitness Entrepreneur.
As the Nations Top Christian motivational speaker and through his 3 books, people are WINNING more.
His Church System, The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS, Your 8 Week Body Transformation curriculum is transforming churches world wide. Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC had to overcome a huge downtime in his life at a young age and has turned what seemed like a big lose into a hug WIN.

With over 12 years experience in coaching and running successful businesses Coach JC
will re energize your organization and church to WIN more.