DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: We need Justice for George Floyd! #GeorgeFloyd

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#GeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForFloyd

Just over the long weekend, two incidences of RACIST WHITE PEOPLE. This is absolutely disgusting! One is #Karen (Any Cooper) who not only called the Police, lied and wasted valuable resources and tax payers dollars, but did so because SHE was in the wrong and SHE is racist! NO ONE ACCEPTS YOUR APOLOGY KAREN!

Then we have another man of color, #GeorgeFloyd who was MURDERED by a racist police officer abusing his power! How and when can WE THE PEOPLE, step in when we see this happening, so WE can SAVE their life?!

Even Mayor Jacob Frey said it is “completely and utterly messed up.” I call on WHITE PEOPLE with large platforms to start the discussion of racism in America and raise awareness to your following because YOU HAVE AN INFLUENCE on other white kids! “Moderate whites’ goodwill is not enough to confront racism. Your SILENCE is your APPROVAL!”