Edward Griffin: Keynote Speaker at the 30-Year Anniversary of the Black History Youth Awards

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Mr. Edward Griffin was the distinguished speaker for the 2013 Racine Black History Youth Awards help in Racine, Wisconsin in February 2013. The students attending were those who rarely get recognition for outstanding academic accomplishments in the Racine Unified School System. This presentation took place at Racine Memorial Hall in downtown Racine.

Mr. Griffin motivated the students and parents to realize that dreams can become reality when you believe in yourself and hard work. No matter what the dream may be, with God’s help, anyone can accomplish their dreams by working hard and believing in yourself.

Edward speaks about growing up, his friends, and how directions in life can take a person down different roads. Through being positive and not going along with the crowd, anyone can make their dreams come true. The speech was well received.

The audience was packed, and became standing room only. Mr. Edward Griffin is a shining example of how each one of us can move forward no matter what the circumstance.

This recording of Edward Griffin’s speech was recorded by videographer Randy D. Tallman ( http://31worldcongressofpoets.com ).

©2013 All Rights Reserved, Edward Griffin, Chicago, Illinois. Featured here with full permission of Edward Griffin. You can visit Edward’s website at http://www.1hiphopucit.com