Rebecca Bender’s Story – Human Trafficking Survivor

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This is my story – Rebecca Bender of the Rebecca Bender Initiative.

Her story of inspiration brings to light the reality of our broken world. Rebecca is not only a survivor of domestic Sex Trafficking, she is now an award-winning speaker, author, and leader in the movement to eradicate modern day slavery.


RBI’S vision is to see a world free of oppression and exploitation, where all people can go after their dreams with zealous abandon. We desire to help people reach their dreams, knowing that their past does not have to define nor determine their destiny. By creating innovate and culturally competent programs, we are able to provide direct services to victims of sexual exploitation and asset those who are working the front lines.

The Rebecca Bender Initiative is committed to changing the mindset of our culture by equipping frontline advocates and communities on issues that affect today’s culture, and assisting victims of sex trafficking in finding true freedom through individual restoration and empowerment.

RBI is a leader and forerunner in the efforts to eradicate modern-day slavery. Using not only their personal experience, RBI’s speaker’s team uses their professional experience to Equip first responders all over the U.S. In the last two years, RBI has trained over 16,000 professionals including: FBI, Homeland Security, SVU, former Presidents, Medical Professionals, Child Welfare, Prosecution, Probation, Faith Community and more. Knowing how to identify, respond, and support survivors of trafficking are crucial to changing the culture around this issue.

Rebecca and her team of speakers are available to deliver keynote speaking engagements, galas, special events and more. Rebecca and her team bring a radical and fresh perspective on the largest social justice issue of our times with poignant and compelling stories, you will laugh, cry and most of all walk away inspired. Contact us today so we can learn more about your event.


Contact the Rebecca Bender Initiative at 541.450.9846 or email us at

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