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Looking for Indian Motivational Speakers for Corporate Events in India? Simerjeet Singh offers you plenty of motivation, food for thought and self reflection, stories and humour to achieve the transformation in your life that you’ve always been aiming for in this LIVE motivational seminar. With his down-to-earth and witty approach, he shares with you the success strategies that he has personally implemented in his life.

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Simerjeet Singh | Live Seminar Video in Hinglish | Keynote Speakers in India We won’t describe him as the Best Motivational Speaker in India. There can’t just be one great motivational speaker in a country of more than a billion people!

He may prove to be the best keynote speaker in India for your conference. And that’s the reason we have made available hours and hours of live and studio recorded footage – for you to decide if he is the right fit for your audience, for your workplace culture and for your business and employee development goals.

This video (shot with a live audience) has some of his best motivational speeches which are sure to rouse you to take action on the most important things in your life. Shot with an audience of 800 at the Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi, this video contains excerpts from a Sales Motivational Keynote.

Could this motivational video be life changing for you? Only if you use these ideas in your life. Otherwise, it will be another feel-good inspirational video that you watched and it will all end at that. As Mr. Simerjeet Singh likes to say – Ideas are useless unless they are used.

There are countless lists of top 10 motivational speakers in India available on the internet but Mr. Singh believes that since every speaker is unique and adds value in different ways, therefore it is difficult to quantify and rank the speakers in any such sequence.

Therefore, a conference organiser must be clear about her audience, her budget, her objectives and the conference theme and then select a professional speaker who would work best for them. This is not an industry where one size will fit all. There is a huge variety to choose from in India. You can either enlist the services of a trusted speakers bureau such as simply life speaker bureau, London Speaker Bureau, Outstanding Speaker Bureau or Celebrity Speakers India. Or your best bet is to search Google and YouTube for Motivational Speakers in India and go through the search results and contact the ones that resonate with you.

Endorsed by the leaders of corporate India as one of the best keynote speakers and widely counted among the top 10 motivational speakers in India, Mr. Simerjeet Singh has devoted his life to improving the lives of others.
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