Youth Motivational Speaker- Clint Pulver

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Clint Pulver is one of the greatest motivational speakers in the teen and management development markets. He has traveled the globe speaking to youth and adult audiences everywhere.

He has been a Professional Drummer for over 20 years playing for various professional groups and large venues. . He has appeared on Americas Got Talent and in several different Motion Picture Films, with actors like Jack Black (school of Rock) and John Heeder (Napoleon Dynamite).

He has been a Self-motivated entrepreneur who is well versed in business start-up and growing multi-million dollar accounts. Clint excels in Leadership Development, Young Adult and Professional Mentorship.

“Clint is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers I’ve ever known. If you’re wanting to tap into the excellence of your people Clint is a must have!”
Bruce Jackson, Director, Center for the Advancement of Leadership

“Clint is the number one speaker our Students request back! The way he connects with his audience is unheard of. He has spoken at our conference for the last seven years because of this reason. He is the real deal and delivers every time”.
Gary Dunn, Conference Director, Dixie Leadership Conventions

“Clint expresses what every leader desires to tell and show their people. He taught us how to stand for our greatness more then our limitations. Mentorship in the workplace is truly a key to success. I highly recommend Clint. You will not be disappointed.”
Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, Keller Williams Real Estate. MAPS Coaching

“The way he delivers his message and inspires through his epic drum solo and hilarious stories made Clint one of the most unique and dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard”
Charlie Johnson, President, Ripli inc

Clint believes that “a single moment in time can change a person’s life”. He has dedicated his heart to living a life of significance, not just a life of success. “its NOT about being the best in the world… Its about being the best FOR the world”.

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