Unlock the best of Blacknet

For Members:
  • Save your favourite events , add to your calendar and see them on a map
  • Quickly share events or organisers you like  with family & friends
  • Book  tickets online to events
  • Connect and follow your favourite organisers and other members (new)
  • Customise notifications so you never miss events you like

For Organisers / Promoters:

  • Add beautiful search engine optimised  events with images, videos and radio ads
  • Sell tickets 0% commission – fast payments
  • Build a stunning organiser page and build your brand.
  • Build followers who want to know more about you
  • Automated advertisement

For Bloggers & Writers:

  • Post engaging articles, stories, press releases, tips & tricks, recommendations or anything useful to the community
  • Search engine optimised to drive more traffic to you message
  • Build your audience and followers who will be notified when you update your posts or add new articles.
  • Link back to your blog, webpage, or social media page