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Blackchat is a UK black-owned social network for businesses and individuals looking to network. Blackchat provides a platform where everyone and anyone from individuals, black bloggers, black writers, black professionals, black-owned businesses, black media, black platforms, entertainers, students, freelancers can come and socialise, network, inspire, mentor, educate, and be part of the online Black community.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of black culture with all the vibrant and rich energy the blackchat community has to offer, learn about black history, make new friends, buy and support black-owned businesses taking creativity to the next level, enjoy talented members displaying their artistry, find events to network with others, build your followers or just follow the people who interest you

Blackchat is redefining the perception of what it is to be black, that it is ok to be black and creating and supporting platforms to enable people to enjoy and be part of the black culture.

What blackchat is:

  • blackchat is a space away from the noise and misrepresentation, it is a place for people to come together to talk, enjoy, network, interact, celebrate, showcase, and support black culture.
  • blackchat is a place where you can find and support black-owned businesses, organisations, and charities.
  • blackchat is here to help black-owned media companies and bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, news websites, journalists to disseminate and share information with their target audience from a black perspective.

What blackchat is not:

  • blackchat is not here to segregate, separate or exclude, if you accept, love, appreciate, or would like to be part of black culture, black people, the black community, and support black-owned businesses then please do join us.
  • blackchat is not a platform for hate, if you try to spread hate or entice hatred or violence toward another member we will not accept it and users will be suspended or banned.

If you are a black-owned business make sure you join  blackchat and register your business webpage link so you can start building your followers, if you are a user build your follows, it’s your voice, be heard.

If you are looking to support a UK black-owned business or just want to come and immerse yourself in black culture, see what the mainstream media does not show you, please join us, you are welcome, everyone is welcome,  all we ask is please is encourage your friends and family to join us by sharing our link https://blackchat.co.uk on your networks, blogs, and media platforms. If you would like to know more message me on blackhat @jay

Find out more of what we are about click here to read about the UK black-owned social network

We are proud to be black and we are proud to be British, Black Britain has a presence and it is blackchat!




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  • Jay Post author
    4 years ago

    Check it out the vibes is nice and uplifting

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