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Episode 5 of a 10-part TV series made by Dr. Maya Angelou for KQED in 1968 called Blacks, Blues, Black!, which examines the influence of African American culture on modern American society. Includes scenes of Dr. Angelou in the studio explaining why she feels it’s essential to teach students a fully balanced account of African history. She states: “It is important that black Americans understand today that we … must not fall into that trap of being sub-human or super human … We have been as good as any human being can be. And we have been as bad as any human being can be.” She uses poetry, music and historical images to illustrate her argument, as well as a panel discussion which includes reflections from Karen Richardson, introduced as the daughter of Julian and Raye Richardson of the “Success Book Store” (now known as Marcus Bookstore). Also features views of Dr. Angelou visiting a store in San Francisco which stocks traditional African art, clothing and jewelry. This episode was written and produced by Dr. Maya Angelou and directed by Robert Hagopian.

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