Coronary Heart Disease, a Conversation with Dr. Harrington

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Robert Harrington, MD, chairman of the department of medicine at Stanford University and president-elect for the American Heart Association, discusses coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death both within the US and around the globe. He speaks on how you are the center of their own heart disease prevention and how to be empowered to look after your own cardiovascular health through lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise.
Stanford also offers the Second Opinion Program that gives you access to Stanford physicians and expertise. This program extends the reach of our faculty, allowing you to reach out to Stanford without having to come on campus for a visit. Stanford specialists look at your health records and give their opinions on your treatment options.
Another option to empower you on your quest for heart disease prevention is to record your health information with wearable devices. These help you and your doctor to analyze your daily readings, putting you at the center of your care.

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