Ep1. (Redux) ADHD is the new BLACK

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ADHD is the new Black is a funny (I hope) Show for Women of Color battling or managing ADHD made by a Woman of Color managing her ADHD. (most days)
You are an amazing black or brown woman, You are smart and funny and you know what to do. So why can’t you just… do it? (Procrastination!!! Ahhhh)
You are smart and capable so why can’t you find your keys, ever? (Awful memory, am I getting early Alzheimers?)
No, Sister, it’s your ADHD Brain Fuc#ing with you.

According to ADHD.org the overall percentage of adults diagnosed with ADHD is only about four percent of the entire population. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects blacks and whites equally, and Latinos to a lesser degree:
whites: 9.8%
blacks: 9.5%
Latinos: 5.5%

But get this: from 2001 to 2010, the rate of ADHD among non-Hispanic black girls increased by ninety percent. NINETY PERCENT.
Yet, if you are a black woman/woman of color looking for other black women/WOC to relate to in the research, media, or heck, in your community images you see are usually male and usually white.

I am standing up in hopes to connect with other women of color, black, brown, red, yellow who need to see there are others like them.
There are only a few of us talking about it. Please add your voice to the conversation so we can support each other and remind ourselves that there is nothing wrong with us!
This site is to learn about the disorder (I don’t care how positive you want to spin it, it’s a disorder with serious life impairments) Learn tools to manage the disorder and to laugh at ourselves along the way.
C’mon Stella, get your groove on.
We have UNLIMITED potential. Now if only we could remember where we put our keys.

Stacey Machelle


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