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May 19

Black Panther's African history + the books to prove it (19 May)

May 19, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Millions have seen Black Panther but not realised the film references real African history. In this interactive audio-visual presentation we will use photos,art and trailers from the movie alongside quotes and interviews from the director, actors and writers. For each fact revealed we will list at least one book/dvd which illustrates the actual black history shown in the film .  We will also show which local and international museums you can find the evidence in. We will cover:

  • African female soldiers ancient and modern
  • 5 black female generals and Africa’s real vibranium
  • Black female inventors and their inventions
  • The Black Panther Party in Brixton and Notting Hill
  • 5 Ancient African writing systems that are NOT Egyptian hieroglyphs)
  • Dress, design and architecture of West,East and South Africa
  • African spiritual systems pre European invasion with real African Goddesses
  • The real Wakanda and the IMF/World Bank
  • Actual black history disguised in  1960’s comics and 21st century movies
  • African leaders that started real revolutions

This event is brought to you by the producers of  African Superheroes Day and Superman: the Black history movie Breakdown . This session will be useful for adults, children, teachers, students,nerds, Pan Aficanists and Black Panther fans. New Beacon books is the oldest Black bookshop in England and has a fantastic selection of African/Caribbean books.https://www.newbeaconbooks.com/


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New Beacon Books Ltd
76 Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3EN
London, N4 3EN GB
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