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Jun 2

Justice for George Floyd – Black Lives Matter – Blacknet

June 2, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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RIEP – George Floyd The UK Mourns with your family.
The time has come… but the violence must stop, the violence is not being fuelled by the community, it is being fuelled by white supremacists to enable more brutality and unnecessary force by the United Gang of America (UGA), this is what ‘Make America Great Again’ means, this is part of Trumps plan to deflect from the coronavirus and blame others for this mess to try and bolster support for re-election from his biggest allies the  right wing Americans who believe in the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan we all know what this slogan means to them, even here in the UK as Trump followers started to be proud of the confederate flag again we could see an uprising was happening.
Trump, the world is watching your inability to handle the death of an unarmed blackman at the hands of your gang, we know not all police are bad, so why not call for changes in police recruitment and training to weed out the bad apples, the apples that continue to destroy America’s reputation.
The world watches as your childish Tweets fuels the white supremacists who ultimately will be your legacy and down fall.
The world is watching as you threaten for Law & Order and threaten to call in the troops whilst neglecting to address the real problem. ‘I am your President of ‘Law & Ordersaid Trump.
Trump, your response is to call others weak in handling this injustice yet the world watches as you run to safety in the bunkers of the white house. (I am your President of what??), the very house that makes you feel like you are the baddest man on the planet.
Trump you are not just failing people of colour, you are failing your country period! America is fast becoming the laughing stock of the world…
The world stands up against injustice, the world stands against Trump and any other leader that in this day and age still thinks racism, suppression and brutality by the very same people who take an oath to protect and serve is ok….
In a few days or weeks time when the coverage by the press has reduced, we alongside many organisations, institutions, businesses and community leaders will be working hard to do the job you are suppose to do.
You Mr Trump must learn and you will see, the time has come… We no longer wait or beg or plead for change, we are the change.


June 2, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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