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Oct 20


October 20, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

"Lewisham Black African History Free Culture Fridays": BLACK AFRICAN HISTORY&FUTURE MONTH 2017 ANNUAL LONDON FREE COMMUNITY EVENTS | Blacknet UK
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This week Friday 20th October 2017 at The Dek, Catford London is an exclusive annual long-anticipated event


Topic: The Black Community and The BME Community Development Networks + Lewisham Emergency BME Forum 5 Years on Co-pioneered by Light of The World FC For Communities & Disciple-Samuel Ikechukwu Georgewill 
+ A.O.B.B (Any Other Black Business) including Community Parents A.P.P Network feature of free community parents training on understanding the current youth culture- negative and life-endangering film, music /lyrics of black origin which parents and guardians need to be aware of. The law passed to ban YouTube dangerous gun and knife provoking videos of music and film (open discussion forum to feed back to governments and lawyers)

Black African History Months Free Community Events Every Friday in October 2017 – Friday 3rd November 2017
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm followed by community development networking

Registration from 6.15pm over light refreshments. To enter, book your ticket online here on Eventbrite then when you arrive at the Dek, Reception at the Catford Town Hall, your name will be on the attendee’s list to sign in.
Then you will be allowed by security to go up to the 5th floor via the lift. Wheelchair access is available.

If your name is not booked down via Eventbrite (even if you are a speaker/performer or part of the organisers) you will not be allowed in (unless due to reasons made known to us as to why you can’t click register on Eventbrite)…

Reflect very quickly with opening session for few minutes tribute to the African American Living Legend of American Football – OJ Simpson being released from prison in America this day. By OJ’s statement saying his experience has made him be a “better Christian” this will start the conversation about black African History&Future Months Event involving freedom, incarceration, and moral transformation for the black community.
Comparisons will be discussed with the American Football players not standing for the American national anthem but kneeling instead to make their very bold professional sporting statement -why? PLUS… here in the UK…
why exactly do we need a report commissioned by former prime minister David Cameron for David Lammy MP to conduct about the injustice of black people in our country? Do black people really still suffer injustice in 2017?
All these and more including BREXIT, we have to discuss.

Discussion topics will include:
– Relationships and fatherhood of black husbands today Vs motherhood where women also do their duties
– Black role models with the fear of God Vs waste-man dads either not in the black-home or who leave home
– How to keep on a face of joy despite false accusation, imprisonment, abuse, unhappiness or mental ill health
-Additional topics include Caribbean Islands appeal from London UK communities to help abroad now, BME Housing (aka Black People’s Question Time about Housing same time and place), Youth Young Adult Assembly led and co-hosted by parents in the community on Friday 29th October plus Future of our youth young adults featuring South London Counselling and Support Services on Friday 3rd November)…

To participate first, book online here via Eventbrite then message or email: lightoftheworldfc@gmail.com

To come culturally together to celebrate the great continent of Africa and the Caribbean and to support each other’s businesses, community groups, charities and A.O.B.B.
(((On the agenda of parenting, the aim and objective is for parents to better understand the current youth culture by discussing and also listening to parental trainers on the youth culture -A real life-transformation positive youth education section for all communities including the black community to focus on in the discussions.)))

+ Weekly A.O.B.B (Any Other Black Business) at the end with music, spoken word, positive dance/drama in film plus networking over light refreshments.
to display your charity, community group or business, first book your eventbrite free ticket and RSVP Book your free V.I.P Ticket donations very welcome space ticket then in writing send to us by email request… Email: lightoftheworldfc@gmail.com
This free adult only open event is open to all communities. parking available. No children permitted.
Also,  all active members and residents of Lewisham, kindly bring your donations to support this independent Lewisham Emergency BME Forum network set of free community events. 

Supported by:

Starradiouk.com – Fathers Barbers Deptford New Cross Road – Action 4 Community Development (AfCD Charity)
* This free open event will stream live on Monday 9th October 2017 on the 7pm Straradiouk.com Lady Dee Show
+ Recorded for Light of The World FCTV “Shine Your Light” Broadcast Yourself Independent Programme
Co-hosted With Disciple-Samuel via YouTube and Google Plus + www.inyourborough.com