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Every prospective member must answer every (6) question and agree to the rules to join #BONES or you will not be approved. Please read all notifications from the administrators for other group rules and information! If you disrespect an administrator rule you will be removed from the group. We don’t’ accept bullying or harassment you will be removed from the group immediately. We will respect each other. We don’t have to accept every post if it’s not providing services, community information, or a business supporting the black community! We are not accepting posts requesting our members’ information! As a member, you can advertise your business, not anyone else business for you personal purpose you will be declined. We all mentor and support new and mature business owners Empower, promote, and network with business owners, startups, nonprofits, and supporters, etc. Provide resources such as training, courses, business operations, nonprofits, grants, etc. We support DJs, music artists, poetry, all lyrics must be respectable, clean, appropriate, and no offensive language. BONES are not responsible for purchases, transactions, or refunds. Members get a receipt and recommend Pay Pal (no cash apps). DO NOT advertise or post in members’ comments; this is a violation you will be muted for 14 days. We don’t approve IG, youtube, other website requests for personal followers! Your post will be declined or muted it is up to the administrator finalized by the head administrator. We don’t support marijuana, cannabis, or the sale of regulated goods this is FACEBOOK RULES!

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Black Owned, Black Network, Black Empowerment, Black Business Supporter

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