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Save for Later

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Mission Statement:
The spending power of black consumers is £300 billion in the UK.

Daniel Lister, Founder of My Black Market, says that the Black community spends 95% of its money outside of the community. Of the remaining 5% that is spent within the community, 3% goes to non-Black owned businesses. This, he says, leaves us with only 2% of our income; and nobody can live off 2% of their income.

This group has been to raise awareness, empower, encourage, uplift and promote black businesses within the Manchester area so that, moving forward, the black community can thrive and finally be acknowledged as the strong, beautiful, intelligent, talented group of people that we truly are to the wider community.

The Economy is based on the ‘money is power’ ideology. So, if the current economic system doesn’t work in our favour then we have to INVEST in the creation of our own economy.

Only through a thriving economic status will we have the power to win the war on injustice, inhumanity and systemic oppression

Group Rules:

• Positivity only! – remember how hard it is to build a business/reputation. If you have had a bad experience with a business that are promoting their services then please try and sort out with the business directly. We are here to uplift.
• Share and support – If you have recently bought a product through a business advertising in this group then please share your experience with your wider community
• No bad language
• When advertising your business – please state clearly how people can purchase or find out more details on your product
• Please try and refrain from political discourse on this page – there are many debate groups that you can air views on, this group is purely about supply and demand
• Lift each other and support

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