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Oona Black British Business Directory was created to fulfill a need to bring all Black British owned businesses whether online or offline, to one place on the net for other businesses especially black businesses and customers to use.

Unlike other business directories, I have also included blogs and social networks. Our British brothers and sisters are and have created some great places for us to engage, learn, share, and network.

As a Black British web entrepreneur, supporting my fellow Black British Businesses is very important. There are many small, medium, large, and home-based businesses, that are unknown yet deliver amazing products and services to local customers. All businesses could do with more customers, more exposure, and more sales and Oona Black British Business Directory is helping to expose businesses, blogs, and networks that we would not otherwise have known about.

We have black British entrepreneurs who are creating new openings for themselves and others but are unknown. I don’t even want to talk about blogs and social networks that are hard to find but are wanted by the black UK community.

Oona Black British Business Directory wants to help you find these great places and to support them 100%.

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