Black History Didn’t Start at Slavery | LOE ep 12 | Mike Rashid

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About Mike Rashid:
Mike Rashid King is a professional boxer, entrepreneur, fitness & lifestyle enthusiast.
He began boxing as an amateur at age 12, and stopped at age 21. Picked up the sport again in 2017, and turned pro as a heavyweight a year later in 2018.
Mike has also competed as a power lifter, and played many sports over the years.
Mike is into optimizing his life, by means of stressing the body and mind, and learning to deal with the stress properly.  He meditates, trains, and uses the sauna daily.
Mike runs numerous companies, The Ambrosia Collective
Snack House Foods
And is a partner with Trifecta 
(The fastest growing meal delivery service in America)
He also runs a very successful online training business and a 30 day transformation challenge monthly in which he helps people get in the best shape of their lives:

Mike considers himself to be a ‘conscience capitalist’
His business ventures are not directly associated with how much money he can make— what motivates him is how he can make a long term difference in others lives and within society.

Black History Didn’t Start at Slavery | LOE ep 12 | Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid


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